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Our Qualities

“Enhancing your living experience with superior designs” – Frank Severino, builder & developer


The quality process begins with structured design and engineering. We engineer the structure to create a durable and rigid home. This structural soundness is apparent and appreciated simply by walking through the home. All structural members supporting the house are fabricated and strength rated to provide a superior building frame.

The type of materials utilized and frame structure design resists shrinking, cracking, and bending. This results in minimum home settling, drywall cracks and floor movement. We construct the homes such that all floor engineered beams and joist members and roof trusses transfer all loads directly down to the unyielding foundation. The roof construction consists of engineered, prefabricated trusses designed to withstand prevailing weight and wind conditions.

Our foundations are constructed with reinforced high strength steel and poured in place high strength concrete. Through our extensive experience we know where and how much steel to install to resist foundation settling thereby preventing drywall settling and cracking.

Before drywall is installed we thoroughly inspect all framing construction for quality, trueness of fit and dimensions for smooth application and precision of finishes. The electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems are thoroughly inspected and tested for optimum performance and proper installation by an independent third-party.

We carefully review and approve all HVAC equipment design and construction to ensure maximum air circulation and response time to heat and cool rooms.

The home’s electrical systems are carefully thought out and planned. Light fixture locations are determined to easily accommodate task functions in the living environment. Light switch locations and outlets are planned for convince and traffic flow patterns. The home’s power supply is provided not only for planned current use, but also for typical anticipated future uses.

“Our homes are designed to be aestehetically appealing, by creating an ambiance of style, elegance and contemporary living” – Frank Severino


The Quality Finishes is the phase of the building process where we change our skills from engineering know-how to the aesthetics of form, texture, materials, and colors. This is where we especially pride ourselves in the building process. We begin with the fine carpentry of trim and millwork. These are details that provide functional as well as aesthetical details that create elegant and impressive homes. Also, consideration is given to the opportunity for establishing decorative area focal points.

Our kitchens are professionally designed for convenience and functional use. We treat the kitchen as the most important room in the home. There is careful attention in design to the relationship between cooking, storage, and cleaning functions so as to provide maximum convenience and efficiency.

“We consider energy efficiency and conservation as an essential when building a new home in today’s environment of constricted energy supply and escalating prices” – Frank Severino


Energy costs are certain to further escalate in the near future to prices not once thought possible. Energy conservation and efficient utilization are essential for securing homeownership and affordable living in the family’s home.

Existing homes are not effective in energy conservation because they were built when energy costs were very inexpensive. New homes have the advantage of having state-of-the-art energy efficiency and conservation design and construction methods available and included by good responsive builders today. Homes built today must be sensitive to the operating costs to run a household. Consider, approximately $250 per month in operating cost savings is equivalent to a $40,000 lower mortgage.